What’s Up Ahead?

When you think about the past, can you think of the best day of your life? This weekend I was thinking about that sentiment and wondering if the best day of my life has passed, and if I’ll get another one. I was thinking about it so much that I asked a few of my very close friends their thoughts on the matter.

One friend said something along the lines that simple things every day make parts of each day the best day ever; another cynical friend said that it’s all downhill from this point on; and another said that he is hopeful for a few more best days.

I’m not sure exactly where I fall. I had had to choose right now, I’d have to say that I’m going through a period where my “hope tank” is low, so I’m not feeling like there are any “best” days ahead, maybe good ones, but nothing extraordinary, really.

I would like to be wrong. Thinking this way is akin to living basically without hope, and this is a very difficult way to live. In Hebrews 6:19 it says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.” We all need something to anchor us, and for me, at least, I know this anchor is hope. When I have hope, my faith is stronger, my love is stronger, I am stronger.

I just have to discover a way to find my hope. Any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “What’s Up Ahead?”

  1. I remember sitting in a Starbucks a few years ago, It was the middle of the afternoon, I was unemployed. A homeless lady was bothering me and other patrons and I took a look around the dreary scene and thought, this is is it, the rest of my life! At that point the future looked bleak indeed. I eventually got a great job, met some new wonderful friends and I’ve had a number of “best days” since. You just got to be open to new experiences and to looking at the glass as half full. A “best day” could be right around the corner!


  2. If I recall correctly, the cynical friend said “It’s all a downward spiral from here on out, so enjoy the ride” – because “downhill” is actually a good thing. Hahahaha.
    Hey, seriously, we all have moments when sad, hopeless waves of dread waft over us, through us, and occasionally punch us directly in the face, but they pass by and all of a sudden, there we are, picking up a puppy and smiling because of it’s breath, for we can’t help ourselves.


  3. A few years ago, I visited a photo studio to complete a freelance project. The photographer who in the past had always been very efficient seemed distracted and had difficulty taking the pictures we needed. When I questioned him, he said that his daughter had been in car accident that morning. She was pregnant and he was concerned that she or her unborn baby might have been seriously injured. We ended the photo shoot immediately so that the photographer could be with his daughter. A few weeks ago I visited the photographer and met his daughter and her beautifully, healthy two year old son. Seeing that child taught me to always hope for the best. In the words of Padre Pio, “Pray, Hope, Don’t


  4. Much like life itself, Hope is a very hard and takes a lot of work. But again, like life, the more hard work you put in, the greater the rewards you get to reap as well.

    Hope does not just magically appear, which is what I think is a mis-understanding today. God doesn’t just make things happen. He opens the door for you, or gives you the signs that lead you in the right direction. It’s up to all of us to be open to seeing those signs, and be willing to walk, and sometimes leap, through that door, or window.

    Keeping your Hope bucket filled is hard. But if we don’t fight and work to keep that bucket filled, how can we ever expect to have it?


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