Promises, Promises


About a year ago, I promised a friend of mine that I don’t see often that I would buy him a plant or two to spruce his place up. Whenever we would talk on the phone, we’d laugh about the non-existent plant that I had yet to provide.


“I’m still waiting for that plant,” he’d say with a laugh.


I didn’t like that I had promised something that I couldn’t fulfill. But for months, the plant was pushed to the back of my mind until I heard his voice and was reminded again. Sometimes, I’d see a few flowers and other potted botanicals around, but every time it seemed that there was a hindrance to the purchase, some excuse or another as to why I couldn’t get it at that time.


Guilt would hit as the unfulfilled promise began to weigh me down. Yesterday, however, I kept my promise and delivered the plants. Immediately I felt relieved and happy. It wasn’t until I sat back in my car that I realized why the plant had grown to be so important—it was all about trust.


Both patience and trust are important in a relationship, even when it comes to God. It may take a while to trust in Him completely, especially when life doesn’t seem to make sense. But I believe He is there, patiently waiting for us.


One thought on “Promises, Promises”

  1. YES. YES. YES.
    Your plant promise reminds me of my feelings about being on time. If a person says they are going to be somewhere at a certain time, then why not make it a point to be there? It’s simple, right? I’m always prompt, but when I come down to it, maybe 1 of 10 in my life are on time for me. I wish people kept promises, both big and small. It’s important.
    Good post!


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