Where Has the Summer Gone?


With my summer vacation in the rear-view mirror, it feels as if the season is already over…even though there are still weeks left. Perhaps the fact that I spend eight hours a day in a chilly office environment doesn’t help the fact that my mind thinks that fall is pretty much here.


But the truth is, the summer isn’t over.


Sure, back to school sales may be going on: but school hasn’t started yet. Even though it may be a bit cooler, it’s still humid outside; and people are still in a state of relaxation. However, I think many people would admit that summer seems to have gone pretty quick this year. There is something special about summer, maybe its from all those years when we were given time off from school to spend the days freely as we chose.


I remember youthful days spent in swimming pools with friends; reading books outside under trees; driving around suburban streets with the windows down and music blaring without anywhere to go; and the sound of the ice cream truck playing.


Yes, the days of my youth are gone, but the days of summer are still here. Different kinds of memories are made, but they are special all the same. The same summer sun shines down on us; the same God smiles at us. All we have to do is relax, smile back, and know that God is with us.


2 thoughts on “Where Has the Summer Gone?”

  1. Well, I’m depressed now. Thanks a bunch, Footprints.
    Oh, and If you are interested in enjoying the soft melody of the ice cream truck then feel free to come to my neighborhood, where we are blessed with the woeful ballad of “Pop goes the weasel” 4x a day. 🙂


  2. I like summer. Beach, baseball and barbecue! But also think it is the most over-rated season. It also has heat, humidity and those peculiar New York smells that go with it! Still, there are a few weeks left to enjoy and then we slip into fall, to me the best time of year, golden sunshine, beautiful fall foliage and cool evenings. And yes I love winter, the most disparaged season, too. For everything there is a season and every season has its charms. I couldn’t live in, say, Florida where it is continuous summer. Boring!


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