Broken But Beautiful

My nieces love searching for sea glass. I had never heard of such a thing until last year until they showed me the sparkling glass they found in the sand along the shoreline. It was beautiful. It looked so delicate and shiny sitting there among the seashells.

It wasn’t until I got back up to where we were camped out on the beach that my brother informed me that sea glass is generally made of broken beer bottles. How could something so beautiful come from broken beer bottles, of all things?! But it is the truth. The smooth, shining pieces of green, clear, and even blue glass we held in our hands were most likely from bottles broken and destroyed by the ocean.

It made me love the sea glass even more.


Necklace made of sea glass.
Necklace made of sea glass.


Knowing that it came from such an ordinary, yet rough place and also knowing how it got tossed around in the ocean until it came to the shoreline smooth and beautiful made me smile. It made me think of how God sometimes uses problems, difficulties, and troubles to smooth us out, make us tough, and, in many ways, make us beautiful as well. I know, it may sound like a silly cliché, but I feel like its true.

Just look around at the people you know. How many of them have been through difficulties in their life? Are they the ones that you turn to for advice and guidance? Are they the ones you look up to and admire? I know in my own life they are the ones that I look up to. Sure, perhaps once they were broken, but now they are stronger for it.

What do you think? Do you think that going through difficulties makes people stronger?


One thought on “Broken But Beautiful”

  1. My mother loves sea glass. Colors other than green and clear are very rare. Yellows are terrific, and red is a real treasure. I always keep my eyes peeled for sea glass for her.


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