Picking Up Faith

My husband and I brought our car up to the valet at the hospital last week for a routine appointment I had there for my stomach. We dropped the car off as usual, but when we went to pick it up, we got a lot more than our car back.


The valet told us that he liked the music we had playing in the car, which happened to be Christian rock. He asked us what it was, so I told him that it was the Christian rock station. He had never heard of it, and was happy to find out that such a station existed. We talked for a few minutes more about Jesus. He shared with us that he was going to see the Christian television speaker and author Joel Osteen in a few weeks. We shared our own faith with him and you could see the excitement in his eyes to have met us, even if it was just for a moment. I could feel the excitement on my face too.


The whole experience lifted me up. I realized that for me, the valet made me love my own faith and want to share it. I don’t know if he was Catholic or another denomination, but because he was so open with his love of Jesus, it made me feel the love of Jesus even more. I was completely reinvigorated in my faith after the conversation.


As my husband and I drove home, with the music still playing, we talked about how Jesus is all around us and He can especially be found in others.


Have you encountered someone who shared his or her faith with you in an unlikely or unexpected circumstance or place? Please share!



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