Something Good


Do you ever feel there is nothing good to watch on television; that there are no good books out there; or that movies never showcase anything with morals or values? Well, the Christophers think differently, and I’m glad they do.


At an awards ceremony Thursday night, books for youths and adults, as well as movies, television shows, and even people, were honored for living or showcasing the Christophers motto of “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”


Some of the award winners included the Disney movie Frozen; the movie 42; a book titled “On These Courts: A Miracle Season That Changed a City, a Once-Future Star, and a Team Forever by Wayne B. Drash; and the television show Life Accoding to Sam, an HBO documentary.


For a list of all of the winners, visit


There was one particular person who won the James Keller Award, a man by the name of Father David T. Link, who during his acceptance speech said something that really struck me. Father Link works in prison ministry. He said that he tries to teach the prisoners to get out of themselves and try to find a purpose for their life. He read a letter that was written to him by one of the prisoners that he ministered to which said he learned “What I must shed and what I must cling to.”  


I thought that was a beautiful lesson: we all have to learn what we have to let go of; and learn to cling to God and the things that matter. It’s a lesson that I am still working on every day. It’s hard to let go of so many things: the past; material objects; bad feeling; etc. Even though I know these things are not good for me, I don’t even realize sometimes how hard I am holding on to them because they are so ingrained in my mind.


At the same time, it is hard to make room for God and hold onto him when we have so much garbage in our hearts and minds and souls. It may be a cliché, but it has truth to it, we have to “Let go and let God.”


Have you seen any movies or t.v. shows, or read any books lately that have inspired you? Please share.



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