Just Be

In conversation with a person who has been like a mentor to me, the topic of joy and contentment came up. We both recognized that these two feelings are difficult for people to hold onto (including me). Then my mentor said something that clicked in my head—he said, “just be.”


This is true in my life and perhaps it is true in yours as well…so often in life I am looking towards the past or the future, which fills me with “what if’s” or anxiety; other times, my mind turns to completely negative, or on the flip side, completely positive thoughts—none of these are good ways of thinking. I was shocked to hear my friend say that even thinking too positively can be bad for you spiritually and mentally.


Too much of an extreme, he said, clouds our brains and souls. If we think too positively, we can fall into the trap of resting on our laurels; and if we think too negatively, we can become trapped in our own thoughts of not being good enough, for example, and not move forward.


It was a hard concept for me to grasp, and we discussed it at length for over an hour. But at the end of the conversation, I realized God loves us because we are His children. He is happy for us to be who we are. And the best way to do that is to do our best in the moment—not in the past, or future, not in negative and positive judgments of ourselves.


We are called to be the very best we can be one moment at a time. What do you think? Do you find yourself likely to get stuck in one of the four areas I discussed – either positive, negative, or in the past or the future? Please share.


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