Lenten Leftovers

This past Lent, I gave up a few things that I love, like particular foods and shopping. I did better with the giving up of food than I did with the shopping, honestly.


But I learned something from both that I didn’t quite get before: when we replace material things or activities for God, we end up feeling unfulfilled in many ways.


Now that Lent is over, I’m back to shopping and eating all the foods that I gave up, but I’ve realized that they don’t have quite as large a hold over me as they once did. My mind is not occupied with them nearly as much.


Instead, I have found myself thinking of God more and more. Add to that the things I did for Lent, like reading the book Catholicism and changing the station in the car to a Christian rock station, and I feel like a new person. Which I think is what Easter is all about.


In a way, the things that have been left over in my soul are those things that matter—a craving for God and for Mass that I haven’t felt this strongly about in a very long time.


How did you do during Lent? Do you feel you have come out of the experience changed? Please share. 


One thought on “Lenten Leftovers”

  1. I did much better this year than I have in the past. I gave up a few things, and managed largely to stay with them. I added a few spiritual disciplines. which I pretty much kept up. But I also see I have a long way to go . . .


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