A ‘Mass Mob’ is Coming to NYC


I am not sure if you heard about this movement, but there is a group of Catholics out there who have gathered together to choose a church to attend for an upcoming Sunday Mass as a “Mass Mob.”


As soon as I heard the clever name of the movement I was intrigued.


After a little research, I found out that the concept started in Buffalo where Catholics gathered, all through communication through the Internet, and filled the pews of a select church on a chosen Sunday. The parishes also receive a boost in the income of churches that are struggling with the collections at Mass. It really shows the power of social media communications, which I think is a great thing.


Mike Cadigan is organizer of the Mass Mob in New York City. He said, “We are young Catholic activists who are seeking to evangelize and re-package Catholicism for everyday people.  We want to show the world what Catholicism is truly all about.”


The ‘Mob’ has identified four churches— St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Manhattan; St. Stanislaus Kostka in Maspeth; St. Matthew’s in Brooklyn; and Blessed Sacrament in Brooklyn. Voting will be going on until April 6, at which time a church will be selected by the amount of votes it receives. I already voted for St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Manhattan, even though it lags behind in votes (Yes, I am biased towards the Manhattan church!).


For information and to vote, visit: www.facebook.com/NYCMassMob or http://nycmassmob.com/vote/


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