Christ as the Cornerstone

A priest that I know gave me a small prayer booklet for Lent, “The Living Gospel,” by Sister Theresa Rickard, O.P., and the reflection today was on the parable that the stone the builder rejected has become the cornerstone.

The reflection says, “Christ is the cornerstone upon which you want to build your life; he is your rock and refuge, and he calls you to align your values and beliefs with his will and way.”  The reflection made me see this parable in an entirely different way.  When I first heard this story as a child—probably at Mass or in religion class—I thought that it was referring to the rejected people: the outcasts, the loners, those that seem like they don’t belong.  I thought that it was these people who were to build up something great.  Because I believed that, I often wanted to befriend the underdogs in my early life.

Now that I see this parable in a new way, in which God is the cornerstone, I again have a new way to look at life.  Before, I was looking outward at other people and felt that it was the underdogs who were destined to do great things.  Now that I have reread the parable in this way, I see that I have to look inward to see if God is the cornerstone in my life.

The reading goes on to ask, “Is Christ the foundation that holds up every facet of your life?” The answer for me is that I am truly trying.  But somedays, especially the darker days, this is quite hard to do.  It’s easy at those times to forget that Christ is literally “in our corner.” It’s something I am going to try to remember more often as I go about my day.


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