Going Against Stereotypes

This week, I heard on the radio a story about Cristiano Ronaldo, a world-famous soccer player who has been known for his cockiness, and a good deed he performed that went above and beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

When asked to provide a shirt and boots for a community auction, Ronaldo asked what the donation was for.  When he heard that a 10-month old baby needed surgery for seizures, he decided to pay for the neurological operation.

I was so moved by this story because of the generosity the act showed, but more for the fact that it totally went against how I thought of Rinaldo.  I had viewed him in only one way—as a soccer player who showed off on and off the field. But this act of kindness reminded me that you really can’t judge someone for one aspect of their life.

It also made me want to check myself to see if I judge others by only viewing one side of them.  Perhaps you do the same.  Do you think of an annoying co-worker as just that, without trying to find out about their home life?  Or do you have a friend or family member that you know as acting one way in their youth only to find that over time they have changed?

I think that Rinaldo did a great thing.  And for that, he scores big in my book.


One thought on “Going Against Stereotypes”

  1. Good for Ronaldo!

    I saw an item on the internet this week in which the San Jose Sharks hockey team signed a teenager with a serious heart problem to a one-day contract. The kid had always dreamed of playing for the Sharks, his favorite team. He got to dress with the team in the team clubhouse and take to the ice with them before the game. Then he stood on the blue line with his heroes for the national anthem. Afterwards, on the bench he broke down in tears of joy. It was great!


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