Pope Asks for Prayers


March 13 marked the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ election to pope. In a tweet he sent out that day, he said, “Please pray for me.” I thought it was a wonderful way for him to celebrate the day—the same way he started his pontificate—in a simple way.


I think it also holds a nice lesson for all of us.  Lately, I have found that my own prayers have weakened when it comes to praying for myself.  Part of it has to do with Lent and focusing more on others, but part of it is because I’ve become worn out with praying for myself.  For me, it is like listening to the same record over and over again.  I know God may not tire of hearing us pray, but sometimes I get tired!


So when I heard the pope ask for prayers for himself, my immediate thought was, “What a great gift to ask for.”  I know that I get a lot out of praying for my friends and family, and if anyone has a special request, I am sure to jump on it.  I hope that it is the same for my friends, because I think I am going to ask them to pray for me a lot more as well. 


What do you think?  Do you find you pray for yourself or for others more? 


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