The Power of Prayer Groups

My mother invited me to attend a meeting of the Sodality of Our Lady group at her parish the other night.  I agreed, and found that it was not at all what I expected it to be—in a good way. 


I thought perhaps that it would be filled with stoic women where I would feel like I did not belong.  Instead, I found women of all ages engaging in their Catholic faith.  They were there to laugh and to pray and to socialize together. 


One of the most beautiful and moving parts of the evening was when the group prayed for those who were sick or who had died.  The sense of love and community that filled the room during that time was almost palpable. 


I was also shocked to see my mother, who is usually extremely quiet and reserved, read a prayer out loud to the group.  It gave me a glimpse into her prayer life, a life that I did not know before. 


Did you ever attend an organized church group?  If so, what was your experience like?   


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