How Would You Describe Your Life?


I recently saw a request online for people to submit, in only six words, the sum of their life.  I was intrigued by the question and tried to think about how I would answer. 


My first thought was “Once upon a time, I lived.”  But that didn’t sum me up, because there were many dark periods in my life, especially in my spiritual life, where I felt as if I were not really living the way that God wanted me to. 


After much deliberation, I settled on “Thank God I am almost there.” I thought that had the qualities that I wanted to portray for my life: a thankfulness to God and the fact that I am still on a journey in my personal life, my career, and most importantly, my faith.  But then I thought about others, and how they would describe my life, and if it would match?  It made me think about how I present myself to others.  I came to the sad conclusion that even though that is how I would want people to view me, the reality could be, and probably is, quite different.


That’s one of the hard thing about life.  Sometimes you try to do things and present your best to the world, but often because we are human, we fail miserably.  In all truthfulness, I am not always grateful, and sometimes I feel as if I am stuck spiritually and otherwise. 


I am going to try harder to show my best face to the world, all because of those six little words.  How would you describe your life in six words?  Please share! 


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