This Book Can Save Your Life—Literally


I read an article today about an Ohio bus driver who was saved from two bullets by a Bible he kept in his chest pocket. 


He was literally saved by the Bible.


The event made me think about how close I am with my own Bible.  I carry it in my purse every day even though I don’t read it quite that often, it is there.  It’s a comforting reminder that at any time I can turn to God.  I know it wouldn’t stop two bullets, but it has save my life in many other ways. 


When I read the Bible I am reminded of where my focus in life should be—on God.  It makes all the large problems in my life feel small when I refocus like that.  Small problems seem insignificant when I keep my eyes on the prize, as it were, and larger issues become easier to bear knowing that God is there with me.  Reading the Bible doesn’t solve all of my problems, but it does make it easier to cope with them.


How often do you read the Bible?  Is there a passage you would like to share with the rest of the readers?  Or a story of how the Bible changed your life?  Please share! 


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