Winter Wasteland?


In New York, we are experiencing another winter snowfall.  Everywhere you go, you can hear a person talking about how this is the coldest winter in a long time, and how sick and tired everyone is of the snow. 


I have to agree that while the snow is falling, it is quite gorgeous, but once it hits the pavement in Manhattan, it turns after a short while into dirty gray and brown slush and snowdrifts.  Some cars are still trapped in their icy encasements, especially in the suburbs where I live.


The gray-blue mist weighs heavily upon my soul.  The whole experience reminds me of how hard life can be.  There is a certain kind of fortitude and perseverance one has to have to make it through the relentless days of winter—the same can be said for any of life’s problems.  It may seem as if a solution, like the spring, may never come. 


Instead of falling into the dreariness of the winter, I am trying to accept it for what it is.  The same holds true for the problems I have in my life—some things you just have to accept and wait for an end to present itself.  For example, there has been a separation in my family for some time now and I cannot change the past to make everything go back to how it was.  Instead, I have to realize that I have to trust in God’s plan for me and his timeline, not mine. 


It may not make the winter any warmer, but perhaps it will make it more bearable. 


What do you think of the weather lately?  Are you a fan of the snow? 


3 thoughts on “Winter Wasteland?”

  1. Personally I love the winter and the snow. As cold as it is, and difficult it is to deal with snow, there is just nothing like just staring out the window at the falling snow, and admiring the snow covered trees. It also brings back memories of running outside to go sledding, or building a snow man, things you can’t do during the summer months without planning a big adventure to the beach or other place that you have to travel too.
    No matter how cold it is or how much snow there is, I am always reminded that out of these cold winter months, the plant and animal life will come back in the spring after a long winters rest. The snow, as much work and annoyance as it creates, that snow cover will keep our waterways full with clean pure water that will hydrate that animal and plant life.
    I like to appreciate the cold winter months, because without them, the warm bountiful summer months would not be as beautiful.


  2. Why does winter get such bad press? I think winter is a beautiful time of the year. I don’t mind the cold and I don’t mind the snow. And there is plenty to do! I like to go skating and I sometimes play pickup hockey in Central Park or just go for a walk in the silently falling snow when most weather wimps are cowering indoors. When does hot chocolate taste better? The sky is gorgeous at this time of year, especially on a clear blue crystal clear day or at twilight. I like summer too but to me it is the most over-rated season. Too hot and humid sometimes with foul odors permeating the foul urban air and bad ozone forcing people with breathing problems indoors. To everything there is a season, but my favorite is winter!


  3. I always tend to think of AA sayings when I read these blog posts and many of them even on their own are good to remember.

    One day at a time

    Live in the NOW

    You are exactly where god wants you to be

    Acceptance is knowing the past will never get better

    Everything in God’s time

    Today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present

    Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

    There are so many more


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