Prayers at the ER


Being in the Emergency Room of a hospital overnight is perhaps the last place you would expect to find a calming moment.  But this weekend, as I was being tested and diagnosed with bronchitis, I overheard such a beautiful thing that it made me forget my own troubles for a moment.


In the bed next to mine was a young girl who was also having trouble breathing.  Her parents were with her.  Her mother, at one point, told the little girl to say a prayer of thanks to Jesus that she was alive, even though she was in the hospital and frightened. The little girl prayed out loud to thank Jesus.  Then she prayed that he help heal her, and said, “I know it might take him some time. He has to make copies of my prayers for everyone.” She then listed all the saints she knew, starting with St. Joseph, and ending with St. Mark. 


I couldn’t help but try to laugh (which only made breathing harder, but it was worth it). Her small voice echoed in my head and erased the beeps and sounds of the machines hooked up to me in the ER.  I forgot about the IV tube in my arm, and focused only on the prayers of that young child. 


She reminded me that we have to be thankful for all things, even when we are suffering. 


Have you encountered prayers in a place that surprised you? Please share! 


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