Too Far for a Touchdown?


I am not a sports person.  I only know that the Denver Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl because one of my friends is from Denver.  So when the Super Bowl is on Sunday, I’m honestly not sure if I’ll watch it or not.


I used to watch it just for the commercials, but after the past few years, I haven’t even wanted to watch them because the commercials mostly make me sad.  I’m not going to get on a soapbox here and talk about the evils of commercials and television in general.  I don’t see anything wrong with watching television and most commercials are harmless. 


But there is one type of commercial that really gets me down—the over-sexualized ones.  Sure, they may be good for sales but as a Catholic girl they make me feel inadequate and uncomfortable, to say the least.  I feel that at least a few of them go way too far.  Sometimes, I’m not even sure what the ad is selling based on the sexualized images shown during the commercial.


I’m generally not what one would consider a conservative when it comes to matters of religion or politics, but in this area, I definitely am.


What do you think about the commercials generally played during the Super Bowl? 


2 thoughts on “Too Far for a Touchdown?”

  1. The world is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it………..Rocky Balboa
    So lighten up ,this is the world we live in. It’s just commercials. Go Hawks!!! Fear the Legion of Boom!


  2. Actually this year’s commercials weren’t too bad I’m usually not a fan of the commercials either. The halftime show was pretty good too. Only thing that was bad was the game! As a Giants fan I was kind of neutral but I was rooting for Eli’s bro. But that was some beat down!


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