The Symphony or the Subway Musicians?


One of the great things about working at a Catholic organization is that we get to have discussions and debates about our faith.  It helps each of us see other points of view and sometimes even opens our eyes to aspects of the faith that we may otherwise not have given much consideration toward.


That was the case last week, when a few of my colleagues and I got into a debate about what kind of spiritual writers we like when it comes to faith issues.  In my mind, I imagined each person had a taste for writers based on the type of spirituality they had that in my mind I compared to music.  To me it seemed that there were three musical areas into which people fell:  the symphony, the subway musicians and those in between. 


What do I mean by that?  I mean that there are those that like the symphony: where there are intricate pieces complexly made that flow together beautifully to create a wonderful sound.  Then there are the subway musicians, the camp in which I place myself, who like the gritty sounds of one or two people who somehow make the music echo through the subway corridors almost hauntingly.  Some people fell smack in between, seeming to fit into both categories. 


It may not be the most theological way to compare spirituality, but it worked for me to help me understand others and their views better. 


What do you think?  How would you describe your spirituality? 


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