Change Comes, Sometimes Not By Choice

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  About a month ago, I went out with a friend to buy him a present.  After some deliberation, I decided to buy him a new bottle of cologne to replace the one he has that is nearly empty.


I went up to one of the young men at the counter at the department store and said, “Where can I find this cologne?” I told him the name of the scent I was looking for (out of courtesy to my husband, I will leave out the actual brand name).


The trendy young man looked at me as if I were insane, and answered, “In 1990?”


I knew that it had been a while since I had bought cologne for my husband, but I was shocked with his answer.  I let out a small laugh to show I wasn’t offended, and said, “Do you have anything that smells similar?”


He again answered as if I were from another planet and said, “That smells like old man?  No.”


At this point, I thanked him and walked away from the counter so as not to embarrass myself any further.  I walked around the counters, examining all the colored glass and bottles, and began to smell them to see which one my husband might like as a replacement.


When I retold the story to my husband last night, he merely laughed, and said, “Guess I have to get used to a new scent!”


This morning, I was still thinking about his answer and realized that sometimes in life we are forced to change by circumstances.  Sometimes it small things—like cologne or a favorite lipstick—but other times, its big things—like divorce, the loss of a loved one, or changing a job. 


And other times, that change is spiritual.  For me, recently, I have made many changes in my prayer life because my faith had grown in different ways, or I had seen shortcomings in other areas. For example, daily prayer is now part of my life when it wasn’t before. 


Change isn’t always bad.  And sometimes, it should be embraced.


Have you had an experience where you were forced to change?  Please share! 


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