You Don’t Even Know

My friends and I have grown accustomed to use the phrase “You don’t even know” whenever we come across a situation in which feelings or questions are involved.  It’s an inside joke that we share and has taken on a life of its own whenever we are around each other for a long amount of time.

But the truth is, that when it comes to certain things—especially feelings, good or bad—it’s hard to really know what it is like. We can sympathize with others to a certain point, but it’s difficult to do so when you have not had the same experience.

I was recently reading a post on Facebook that said something along the lines of “You don’t know what anyone is going through.”  It highlighted how you don’t know if someone is walking around with an illness that does not show—diabetes, cancer, mental illness, addition, or anything else.

you dont even know


Socrates said, “I know that I know nothing.”  It’s become sort of a cliché, but it is the truth.  Even our closest friends may sometimes not understand all we are going through.  But the same is not true for God.  He is there with us, always, and understands each facet of every feeling and situation we may feel or find ourselves in.

I find great comfort in that, especially when I feel alone.  God is there with us, and He knows.


One thought on “You Don’t Even Know”

  1. we may not always know what another may be feeling or struggling with, but giving support and comfort is something we can always give. Simple acts of love and kindness.


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