God is Not Just for ‘Sometimes’

Recently, I have discovered a simple truth that I probably should have known all along, but didn’t—God is not just there for us sometimes.  He is there always. 


Simple, right?  It wasn’t so simple for me. 


Even though the concept is simple it took me a great deal of trial and error in my prayer life to realize that God is with us in good times and bad. When I hit a particularly rough patch, my first thoughts usually run the gamut from “Why did God let this happen?” to “Why me?” to everything in between.  I think that is the normal reaction to any sort of bad news or tragedy.


I saw a Tweet that said something along the lines of “God is there right beside us in our problems.”  I don’t recall the exact wording, but that was the sentiment that I took away from it. 


It’s a beautiful thing to think about.  We may not see the way in which God is working in our lives all the time, but we can be assured that He is there.  He laughs with us; He cries with us; He’s there with us; in all manner of things. 


What do you think?  Does knowing that God is there with you all the time help you get through each day, both good and bad? 


4 thoughts on “God is Not Just for ‘Sometimes’”

  1. If you want to choose to believe that he is there during good and bad that’s your choice. After years of catholic school , I have come to choose not to believe at all. How many tragedies must we endure? Where was he during Newtown? That was it for me! Don’t give me the line “he only gives people what they can handle.” And if I am wrong about “god”, then we will see how forgiving he really is!!


  2. He was there to welcome those poor children into Heaven.

    God gave us the gift of free will, but just like a parent is not responsible for the actions of their children, God is not responsible for the actions of human beings.

    God does not “allow” evil to occur. He is there to accept those that have the faith, courage and strength to believe in him despite the evil done by humans.


  3. Isn’t it kind of convenient to blame God when we humans behave in an evil, inhuman manner? God has given us all free will, otherwise we are mere automatons. What some have chosen to do with it, Hitler, Stalin, the crazy in Newtown, reflects only on ourselves as human beings, not on God.


  4. I am the first to admit I am not a theologian, but I was just thinking: what if you looked at this from the other side? Take someone like Mother Theresa. She was good and did good things, not because God made her but because she chose to.


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