Coming Down After Christmas


When I was a child, I loved snow globes.  There was something special about shaking those magical globes and watching the snowfall on the winter scenes inside.  It was always a little sad when the snow would stop falling.  This Christmas, after the day of celebration and joy had passed, I felt that same sadness settle in my soul as I did at the sight of the still snow inside the globe.  


For me, the days leading up to and including Christmas are joy-filled for me with preparations including the wrapping of gifts and the watching of Christmas movie favorites.  My heart is filled with anticipation and hope for Christmas day. 


But now that a few days have gone by and I am back into my regular life, I am finding it nearly impossible to hold onto that elusive Christmas spirit.  I know that I should especially since the Epiphany is still a few days away and the time for celebrations are not over.  But it’s difficult once the metaphorical snow has settled.  Reality sets back in, and the same circumstances and situations I was able to put aside in order to enjoy the holiday are back. 


Perhaps you feel the same way as I do.  Maybe the family drama that you put on a shelf is back; or the hunt for a job is back on your agenda; or an illness is again the top thing on your mind—it could be anything that keeps you from enjoying life. 


I am still working on how I can hold onto the Christmas spirit and am asking you, readers, if you have any suggestions as to how you cope with the days after.  If you have any suggestions, please share! 


5 thoughts on “Coming Down After Christmas”

  1. I have a couple suggestions. First spread out your festivities so they are not all clumped together.. this gives you more breathing space between each event enjoying each one for what it is..and then you reach less of a low when they are all over. Schedule some events during the octave or start new traditions in these days. Always remember it is about Christ with us. How is Christ with you now and can you share that with others? Start volunteering during the octave or after to show Christ is present. Be Christ to others. Or depending on how much you already give of yourself…if you are already super active in ministry and volunteering take the octave as recuperation time focusing on yourself and your needs…like if you haven’t gone running in awhile and need some de-stress time or time alone take it now. Go on a retreat to refresh your self spiritually and intellectually etc. If you have children spend extra time with them but have them help you pick out what that will look like. Yes Jesus has been born..but what does that mean now? For you? For your family? What responsibility is included with that birth? How can you go out and spread the good news or invite others in to enjoy it? You are starting a refreshed relationship with Jesus. What is that going to look like from now until next Christmas? I hope this helps. Peace and God Bless.


  2. Really there is no need for feeling the blues. The time between Christmas and the Epiphany is considered The 12 Days of Christmas! A time to enjoy the gifts we gave and received, the leftovers in the fridge, the sweets in the containers. A time to reflect on the blessings we have in our lives that truly have meaning and make us happy!


  3. There are bumper stickers sayin “keep Christ in Christmas” they should say “keep Christ in you”. When he is in you it will always be Christmas. Only He can keep love, joy and peace in your heart.


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