Building on Blessings


When I was a child, one of my favorite things to do was to build with Lego building blocks.  My parents said I would sit for hours creating things with the brightly colored little blocks, connecting one to another until I had built something that I considered great with the use of my imagination. 


I remember building towers as tall as me out of those little blocks piece-by-piece.  Today, as I was thinking about how I was feeling—content and joyful—I realized that those two feelings are also something that is built moment-by-moment.  Like the building blocks, one or two wrong pieces can make the whole tower unsteady and perhaps even fall.  The same is true for feelings of contentment and joy.  


Earlier this week, I had the privilege of helping one of God’s creatures, which made me happy.  Throughout this week, I have been trying to hold onto that happiness by doing other positive things. They are small things, for sure, but they come together in a way that makes me feel like life can indeed be one full of happiness, joy and contentment if we build our lives on the right foundation. 


The moments may seem at first insignificant, but when you add them up, they combine into a lovely life.  For example, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to be more considerate to those around me—holding doors for people who have their hands full, sending a text to someone I haven’t talked to in a while, and other small actions.  I have to say, that this week, I feel better than I have in a long time, and I think that is the reason why.


What do you think?  Please share! 


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