Praying to Patron Saints

A co-worker and I were discussing prayers to saints this morning; particularly praying to St. Anthony for lost things.  My colleague jovially wondered if St. Anthony ever got tired of helping people find lost things.  I thought that he wouldn’t because he sure does get a lot of prayers!

But it made me wonder about some of the lesser-known patron saints.  I did a quick search and found a list of some of the patrons of people, places and things.  Since today is Veteran’s Day, I thought it was a nice time to find out that the patron of military members is St. Joan of Arc.  I’ll be sure to send up a prayer to her today.

The list, however, had a lot of other interesting patron saints.  There’s St. Mary Magdalene for penitents; St. Frances of Rome for motorists; and St. Bede the Venerable for scholars, just to name a few.  There is even a patron saint for pawnbrokers!  (St. Nicholas, in case you were wondering.)

I may have to add a few new saints to my roster after looking at the list since my usual go-to saint is St. Joseph (the patron saint of families).


Saints on a wall at Santa Maria church in Portugal.
Saints on a wall at Santa Maria church in Portugal.

What about you?  Do you have a special saint you pray to that may not be as well-known as some of the others?  Please share!


3 thoughts on “Praying to Patron Saints”

  1. I often pray for intersessions to St. Jude, of course, but also to St. Jean de Brebeuf, who is one of my personal favorites. I took my confirmation name from him. I don’t know what, if anything he’s the patron of, though.



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