One Word Can Make a Difference


Today, when I was coming into work, I was talking with one of my friends who is a security guard at the building.  We were just chatting, and I told him that I was struggling with one particular level in an online game that we both play.  He told me simply, “You can do it.” 


That simple phrase, “You can do it” carries a lot of weight with me.  When it is said by someone—friend, acquaintance or co-worker, for instance, it means that they have faith and confidence in you and your abilities.  It’s a great boost.  Even though it was for something small, like getting through a level on a game, that small boost carried me through the rest of the day and lifted my mood. 


It reminded me of a quote that I have in my house by one of my favorite saints, St. Therese of Lisieux: “A word or a smile is often enough to put fresh life in a despondent soul.”  How often is it that someone says something small to you at just the right time to make you think differently or turn your mood around?  It happens to me a lot.  I hope that in my life, I, too, can be the one who changes someone’s mood with a word or a smile as well. 


Have there been instances in your life recently where a word, phrase or smile changed your attitude?  Please share your experiences. 


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