September and Our Lady


September is the month for Our Lady of Sorrows.  If you ask most kids if September is a sorrowful month, and they are likely to answer yes, since this is when school starts up again.  Many people, children and adults alike, have a hard time with new things, including me.


When new things come along, that often means its time to say goodbye to the old.  For children starting school means summer has come to an end.  The weather changes from summer warmth to the briskness of fall.


As I thought about September being dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, I thought about it in terms of the sorrow of changes.  Changes in life can be hard—even when those things that are changing are good things—like beginning a marriage, having children, or starting a new job.  Other changes are more drastic, and clearly full of sorrow—like the death of a loved one; divorce; or dealing with an illness. September is a particularly sorrowful month for me because it is the month in which my father died nine years ago. 


I admit that change is not always for the better, but sometimes change is inevitable.  I think that if we look to Our Lady during times of change, she can help us get through the good and the bad.  She saw Jesus change from a child to a man, and was there at the time of his death.  She was most likely a young wife, and also likely a widow before her time.  She knows what it is like to change. 


With this month of September, I am going to try my best to look to Our Lady for strength and support, and I invite you to do the same. 


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