Realizing the Importance of Quality

I know the old adage that says you should always pick quality over quantity.  Today I learned that lesson the hard way as a shoddy dress I wore to work ripped not even halfway through the day.  I had to go out and get another dress to finish out the workday. 


I’ve had a few of these “wardrobe malfunctions,” as I call them, most likely because when purchasing clothes, I examine the price tag over the quality of the workmanship that is in the clothing.  I think the same can be said for all areas of life.  We always have to make sacrifices in our decisions. 


Those decisions go into the seemingly small choices like: do we go for the healthy option for lunch, or the unhealthy one that we may crave?;  as well as the larger choices that we make in life, like: Do we try to beat our addiction or let it overtake us? There are countless examples of large and small decisions that we make each and every day. 


The same can be said for our faith life.  Do we take the time to pray, or do we put it off to do other things in our life?  Do we take the time each Sunday to go to Mass, or do we make excuses to skip it?


I know for myself that I have a lot of work to do when it comes to making the healthy decisions, especially when it comes to making decisions in regards to my relationship with God.  Sometimes its easy to make excuses for the things that are good for us—the choices that will give us a quality life—because we are focused on something else. 


Have there been times when you had to struggle with a decision and sacrifice one thing for another?  Please share as it may help other readers.



One thought on “Realizing the Importance of Quality”

  1. It may seem like the right decisions in life are always the hardest to make and the most painful to endure, but we always have to remember that while we may not see the answer or feel it right away, doing the right thing is always the best thing to do. It may cost us a few extra dollars, or cause us pain and turmoil in the short term, maybe even cause us some kind of loss, but in the end, we can always rely on the fact that making the right decision for the right reason will leave us standing in Gods shining light because we have followed in His footsteps.

    Not allowing ourselves to succumb to the temptations of making a wrong decision because it is “easy”, “less painful”, “faster” or “selfish” always lead us down the right path and in the end god will show us His plan, even though we may have to endure hardship in the short term.


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