Spiritual Backup


While I was sitting outside the building waiting for work to begin, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to morning Mass, so I said yes.  And I’m glad that I did because during the homily, the priest discussed having “spiritual backup” for our journey in life.


He gave an example of his father, who he said would keep reserves of household items so that if something, like toothpaste, ran out, there was always a backup at hand.  His sharing reminded me of my own parents, who did the same thing.  We even had a backup oven in the basement, along with a backup freezer.  In some respects, our basement looked like a storage store with cereals and soda bottles stacked up on shelves. 


The priest told those at Mass that in life we should prepare as much as we can for things—especially in our spiritual life—and that we have the best backup of all in God who will be our strength and support when we feel like we don’t have enough in ourselves to go on.  It was a wonderful lesson. It made me think of batteries for some reason—I imagined that if I ran on batteries and ran out of power, God would be there with the extra energy needed.


Have you had days that you didn’t think you could get through?  Or have you experienced certain situations that are difficult for you to overcome?  In those times, we can rely on God to help us get through. 


God has our back. 


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Backup”

  1. What a beautiful reflection. We worry about having a backup battery or backing up our computer data but we don’t think about having a backup source of grace when we really need it.


  2. Very timely for me! I’m going through a lot of transition in my personal life and have really found myself looking to my faith more and more for comfort, reassurance and recharging.


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