Just Another Ordinary Day?


Whenever I get a chance to get to work early, I like to sit outside and watch as the people of Manhattan begin their day.  Most are workers, you can tell by the hurried steps they take and the coffees in their hands; but others are there taking their children to day-camp, or their dogs for a stroll.  Others are simply enjoying the summer weather.  It’s just another ordinary day, in other words, with people going about their lives.


In my experience, I find that it is these ordinary days, the ones in between the very good and the very bad, that I find my prayer life lacking.  This is not a good thing, since there are a lot of “ordinary” days in our lives.  When I got up to my cubicle at work, I began to think of how nice the day was shaping out to be—how can a day be anything other than good when it starts out with sunshine and coffee?  But there was something that was greatly missing from my morning routine…God. 


I am grateful for everything that I experienced this morning, but I didn’t say any sort of prayer of thanks. There is a quote by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, whose feast day is today, which says, “The true measure of loving God is to love Him without measure.”  I have heard that quote or sentiments close it many times in my life.  When I think of what it means to love without measure, I think of loving endlessly.  However, I always thought that meant that we should love God in good times and in bad times.  But after thinking this morning about all the ordinary days, I think that quote can also be used for the middle of the ground times.  


I hope to say a prayer of thanks for all the moments of today, good, bad, and in the middle. 


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