My Search for One Baseball Card

I’m not a huge sports fan.  However, there are a few sports players that I follow.  One of them is R.A. Dickey, who is now a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Being from New York, it’s pretty much sacrilegious, as far as baseball goes, to follow someone who is not on the Yankees—even Mets fans get a pretty bad rap in the city. 


But I can’t help it.  I’ve been a R.A. Dickey fan since a friend of mine lent me Dickey’s autobiography about a year ago.  Since I don’t follow baseball regularly, it makes sense that I wouldn’t be a baseball card collector.  However, after buying a few packs for one of my brothers recently for his collection, I thought it would be great if I could somehow get my hands on a Dickey card—preferably from his time on the Mets.  So I went out and bought myself a few packs of cards, and against all odds, towards the end of opening package after package with no luck, I found the card I was after.  When I saw it, it felt as if I had won a million dollars in the lottery.  I could see why baseball card collecting is such a popular hobby.


In all, the experience made me wonder why I wanted to have a card of Dickey so bad.  The truth is, he is one of my heroes because he overcame a lousy childhood, found God, and didn’t let anything deter him from his dream of being a professional baseball player.  In other words, his life is an inspiration to me.  Although I don’t know if he is Catholic or not, he wants me to search out my dream and also get closer to God in my life.  


His card is now hanging in my cubicle at work as a source of inspiration to me. 


Do you have any people who inspire you, Catholic or not, to be a better person?  Please share. 


3 thoughts on “My Search for One Baseball Card”

  1. You can use anybody, any saying, Catholic or not as inspiration. But the only person that can get you through hard times, is yourself! When your down, you can either pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move on, or you can lay there. No bible, no saying, or even R.A Dickey himself will be there to lift you up. It will be you and you alone!


  2. I remember collecting baseball cards when I was younger. Sometimes it took hundreds of packs and a lot of chewing gum before I found that special card I wanted! So congratulations! I paid for my baseball/hockey card (bubblegum) addiction with terrible dentist bills as a grown up!


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