Mind, Body and Spirit

Because I am in the car so often as a passenger, it’s easy for me to think of my faith journey as a road trip.  Sometimes I get stuck along the way, or hit speed bumps, or come to a full stop.  Other days, I feel as if I am racing along getting closer to my destination all the time.  However, there is another aspect of my life as a road trip that I often neglect—pit stops and maintenance.


I find that I will focus more on my mind and my spirit and forget that having a healthy body is also important in fostering a good life—spiritually, mentally and otherwise.  Perhaps you have the same type of troubles: problems losing or gaining weight, addictions, or illnesses that you put to the side or ignore for other things in life.


This week, I was greatly reminded of that as I examined my own healthy habits, or lack thereof.  I was thinking of something a mentor of mine once said referring to a commandment of Jesus, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In order to love yourself, you have to take care of yourself in all ways, including your body.


Is there a way in which you are trying hard to get healthier in mind, body or spirit?  Share your thoughts; it may help other readers in their own struggles. 


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