Papers, Pencils, Notebooks…and Jesus?

It’s already that time of year—when the advertisements and sales for school supplies are in full swing.  It’s a time of year that I particularly like, even though my school days are long over.  There is something nice about walking down the aisles looking at all the brightly colored pens, pencils and folders around. 


I was surprised, however, by a particular selection I saw at Walmart—amid all the notebooks and folders were many that were religious in nature.  I, of course, was so excited to see that so I picked up a few of them.  Some were more lighthearted than others, but two were quite serious in their message” One said, “I know where love comes from,” written underneath was the Bible passage John 3:16.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them there among the Superman, Cartoons, and other folders that students could pick from.  I was also a bit shocked when I went back to the same Walmart a few weeks later to see that the religious folders and notebooks were nearly sold out.


I couldn’t help but ask myself what this meant.  I believe that it shows that there is a hunger and a desire for many people in the world—of all ages—including youths, who are often not thought of as a “religious” generation—for faith.  The notebooks and folders are a way for young people to show their faith in a real way and in a way that is already comfortable to them.  Remember back to your school days?  I remember selecting my folders and notebooks carefully, making sure they represented my own personality and character.  I hope that the students who picked up the religious folders were thinking that it represents them as well.


Do you have any thoughts or reflections on your school days?  Or have you seen religious items in a place that was unexpected?  Please share.



2 thoughts on “Papers, Pencils, Notebooks…and Jesus?”

  1. My daughters have picked out similar binders and notebooks at Walmart the last few years. It makes me happy, also, to see that Jesus is, after all, finding His way back into our schools albeit a small way.
    I certainly remember the careful consideration of all my school supplies. Folders and notebooks had to match and I remember begging for the cute colorful pens (more expensive).Thanks for sharing 🙂 ~Blessings~


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