History of the World Youth Day Cross


Tonight, participants of World Youth Day will take part in the Way of the Cross with Pope Francis.  The cross that is used has been one that has been part of World Youth Day since it began by Pope John Paul II.

In 1984, Pope John Paul II gave the World Youth Day cross to youths of the world during the “International Jubilee for the Young” which was held in St. Peter’s Square.  The cross is part of the symbol of World Youth Day and its presence is striking. 

I attended World Youth Day and participated in the Way of the Cross with Pope Benedict XVI in Madrid, Spain, and at the time I did not realize the significance of the World Youth Day Cross.  I didn’t know that the same one was used throughout WYD each time.  This makes it even more moving to know that so many youths have seen the same cross and prayed before it. 

Just imagine how many places the WYD cross has been, and how many youths have seen it!  It’s been to Italy, Australia, the United States, Spain and so many other places. 

Thanks to flickr and the website www.Rio2013.com, I have included a photo of the World Youth Day Cross for those of you who may not know what it looks like from this year’s WYD. 




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