New Yorkers at World Youth Day Improvise

Any journey has the potential for sidetracks and roadblocks, as New York pilgrims learned last night as they were not able to make it to the World Youth Day opening ceremony.  That didn’t stop them, however, from coming together in faith.

“We united in spirit with the rest of the pilgrims and had our own opening Mass on the rooftop of our hotel,” said Cynthia Martinez, associate director of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of New York. The Mass was celebrated by Father Joseph Espaillat, director of the Office of Youth Ministry, and concelebrated by Father Enrique Salvo, director of vocations, along with a priest from New Jersey.


Ms. Martinez said that the homily focused on the call of Samuel and the call of Matthew. She quoted Father Espaillat, who said, “As we unite here in Brazil, use the days that follow to ask God for an inner conversion to know who Christ is, and if you know who he is, reintroduce yourself.  Ask God to help you discern where he is calling you to.”

That seems to be an emerging theme for World Youth Day—to discern where God is calling each person in their life.  It came out in Pope Francis’ words before he left for World Youth Day in St. Peter’s Square as well (see previous blog post  “Words For World Youth Day”).

I think that is an appropriate theme to reinforce in the lives of all Catholics—where is God calling us, and what is he calling us to do?


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