Metaphorical Miles at World Youth Day

Yesterday Pope Francis was welcomed in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day, an international celebration for Catholic young adults that is celebrated every two to three years.  Along the way the driver of his car made a wrong turn downtown where people crowded it so much so that it had to stop.

I couldn’t help but be struck by how that can be a metaphor for our lives.  And I had to laugh to think that even the pope, albeit physically, loses his way.  But how much of that holds true for us in our spiritual lives?  I wrote a post earlier in the week about Pope Francis’ comment to the young adults at World Youth day that they are asking “What is the path for me?”  (He said this before WYD at St. Peter’s Square July 21).

I often feel that sometimes in my life I make a wrong turn in my faith life, literally, or sometimes even come to a full stop.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a turn and go back in the right direction.

For the pope, a wrong turn meant that a short ride turned into quite a long one. The same can be true for us—it may take us a while to get where we need to go, but if we keep our focus on the goal, we can make it there.


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