Words For World Youth Day

Before he left for World Youth Day, Pope Francis addressed those gathered at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican and told them that people attending World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro “”All those going to Rio want to hear the voice of Jesus, to listen to Jesus.” 


He said that those going want to ask, “Lord Jesus, what must I do with my life? What is the path for me?” 


I think that is a question that all adults would want to ask, not just those young adults going to World Youth Day.  It’s a question that I ask myself often.  I feel like contemplating this question helps me to make sure that I am on the right track, and that is really what life is all about, at least I think it is. 


In St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians, he says, “You have been raised to life with Christ, so set your hearts on the things that are in heaven, where Christ sits on his throne at the right side of God.  Keep your minds fixed on things there, not on things here on earth” (Colossians 3:1-2). 


When I read what the pope said, that is what came to my mind, that hearing the voice of Jesus in our lives means that we are setting our sights on him in our spiritual journey through life. 


There have been times where I have wondered if I am in the right place in my life, but no matter where were are with things—work, family, friends, etc.—if we have our sights on Jesus at all times and listen to what he is saying we can take comfort in knowing that we are on the right track. 


I am excited to see what the pope has to say for those at World Youth Day this week, especially since his words even before the trip began are so inspirational and thoughtful. 



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