Overwhelmed, and Under-prayed

On this faith journey, I have often come across obstacles to overcome and sometimes full stops where I feel as if I am getting nowhere at all.  This week was one where I felt I was moving in the wrong direction, which means to me, farther from God.

That happens to me when I feel overwhelmed by life.  Instead of reaching out and moving forward, keeping my eyes on the Lord, I faltered. In one of the comments on a blog post this week, a reader posted that about the story of St. Peter who was called by Jesus to walk on water and begins to sink once his faith was shaken and he realized what he was doing.  I think that happens to us all when we come to a point in our lives when things get hard.  This week, I have been thinking such things as “How can I continue on?,”  “What if this is too hard for me to get through?,” and “Why does Jesus seem so far away?”

The truth is, Jesus is right there, the same place he has always been.  It’s just that I lost my footing.  On this beautiful sunny morning, I was drinking coffee outside the church before coming up to work, chatting with a friend who works here in the building.  He said that people sometimes think that all they have to do is pray and things will be given to them.  But he said, “Prayer has to be followed by action.”  They are wise words.

When he said that, I realized that my prayers this week have fallen by the wayside, and with them, the good actions that follow a solid prayer life. Today, I am going to make more of an effort to do more to push myself toward God.

When you get overwhelmed, do you feel like your prayer life falters as well?  How do you overcome this? Please share with other readers who may be struggling with the same thing.


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