Playing With Fire, Without Getting Burned

Last night, I attended The Christopher Awards, an event that honors books, television shows, movies and documentaries that promote faith and values.  The motto of The Christopher’s is “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

It’s a wonderful motto, and one that is really needed in today’s world. One of the presenters at the ceremony, a two-time Christopher Award winner and author Joan Bauer, in referring to the motto said something that really stuck with me.  She said that when you light a candle, you are basically “playing with fire” and that can lead to burns and injuries.  I thought it was a great message and one that fit all the award-winners of the night: doing good, living a life of faith, holding onto hope, is not always easy. It’s a message I hope that I don’t forget.

The award ceremony also was a great deal of fun for me as a reporter.  I had the chance to meet the 2012 Lifetime Christopher Award winner, Mother Dolores Hart, who I previously wrote about in an earlier post


She was as kind as I imagined her to be, and just as beautiful.  Below is a photo I was fortunate enough to take with her!


Another winner was the show “Blue Bloods,” which is a television show that details the life of a family of New York City Police Officers.  It’s a show I watch with my husband, so I was thrilled to see the show win an award. One of the actors, Lou Cariou, served as a presenter at the event. He is in the photo below giving an interview.


Speaking of shows and books, are there any books that you would like to share that lift your faith?


One thought on “Playing With Fire, Without Getting Burned”

  1. I have found Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift From the Sea to be very inspiring. This book reminds us that as a fragile seashell can survive a stormy sea, we too should learn to ride the rough waves of life in order to survive.


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