Fair Weather Friends and Forgiveness

We all have them.  Friends that only seem to come around when skies are blue and times are good.  I happen to have one that I have not heard from in months, and the sadness I felt at the separation was not one that could easily be fixed. Or could it?

With the dreary weather today, I couldn’t help but think of friends that disappear when skies are dark and gray.  I especially couldn’t help it because yesterday, out of the blue, the friend that I hadn’t heard from in months send me a card to say they were sorry.  The card, of course, made me cry.  I was hurt that my friend had, in my mind, abandoned me when I needed them as I was going through very rough patch of my life.  But when I received the card, I began to wonder—maybe they were just not equipped to be there for me.

Perhaps there are people in our lives who just can’t handle the storms as well as others.  Just looking out the window at work today, I saw that some people had on the proper rain boots and umbrellas, and others were rushing in and out, not prepared.

Does that mean that those people are less important to us?  That we should never forgive them?  I am beginning to think that the answer is no.  We need people, of course, that are there in good times and bad.  But it doesn’t hurt to have fair weather friends if you have other people in your life, and most importantly, faith in God, to get you through the tough times.


One thought on “Fair Weather Friends and Forgiveness”

  1. Another very touching and insightful post. Forgiveness is important, and it’s also important to have friends in your life who you know will always support and be there for you no matter what. I always try to be there for my friends, especially when they need it the most.


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