Amazing Moves From a Movie Star

This week, I watched “Francis of Assisi,” a film made in the early 1960s featuring an actress by the name of Dolores Hart. In the film, she is beautiful and confident, and ironically, for how her real life turned out, plays St. Clare, who joins a convent.

I say ironically because Dolores Hart, now Mother Dolores Hart, O.S.B., is a Catholic nun who before joining a religious order, the Benedictines, starred in many Hollywood films. She went from starring in the world to becoming a cloistered nun, praying for it. She has a book out, “The Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows,” which came out this month and is getting a lot of play in the press.

It’s a book that I will definitely want to check out to find out what made her leave her old life for a new one devoted entirely to God.

This book is definitely going on my summer reading list.  What about you?  Are there books or movies that you are hoping to read or see this summer that are faith-based?  Please share your ideas with others who may be searching for such a thing!


2 thoughts on “Amazing Moves From a Movie Star”

  1. Is that the actress who once played opposite Elvis? My summer movie list includes 42, which while perhaps not specifically “spiritual” in the religious context is a story about the triumph of the human spirit.


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