Renovations, Inside and Out

Every once in a while, perhaps a few times a year, I feel the need for a drastic change.  In the past when I’ve had that feeling, I’ve colored my hair, donated most of my clothing leaving only a few items I wore all the time, or picked up a new hobby.  This weekend I added something to the list—redecorating parts of our apartment.

Before I did anything, I cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom, then I bagged up and donated everything that was going to be replaced—the comforter on our bed, our bedroom curtains, our shower curtain, and so on.  As I shopped, I imagined what our new apartment would look like because for me the redecoration meant more than new things: it meant an entirely new atmosphere and feeling in our home.

When it was all said and done, my husband looked around, examining the work, and said to me, “Everything looks much brighter.”  He was right. Bright blues and soothing cream-colored items now replaced the dark reds and browns that were once the dominant colors in our apartment. I believe I have done the same makeover within my spiritual life as well. Over the past year, I have tried to pray more, and once that was accomplished, I added in reading the Bible, and then, after that, an attempt to focus more on God each day in all I do.

Each small addition to my prayer life, just like the small additions in my home, has created a very different kind of life. I think that the change in colors, from dark to light, definitely reflects a change in my spiritual wellbeing and happiness.

Do you ever feel the need to change?  What kind of changes have you made that have impacted your life—in big or small ways?  Please share, other readers may be inspired by what you have done!


7 thoughts on “Renovations, Inside and Out”

  1. Yes, I get bursts of “need to change” often. When I start, I usually don’t stop until it is drastic. When the new year rolled around, my husband bought me a car and I decided to chop my hair off and color it completely different. It was really fun, and felt very youthful. Like all things though, this kind of change is not sustainable long-term. That’s where we need to realize where we are looking for that feeling of “high” that the changes bring. If we look in the wrong place, we will never feel at peace unless we are constantly changing stuff 🙂


  2. Beautiful encouragement so well written. Small changes making big differences. Instead of trying to make a big change that costs us money and doesn’t have a long term impact, the small changes last and accumulate with more value. Thank You for this message.


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