Rain and a Monsoon of Thoughts

I have mentioned on this blog before how much I love coffee…which makes what I did this morning all the more unbelievable.  I went into the local coffee shop, ordered and paid for my coffee and walked out without it.

When I got to the building at work, I realized my error, and walked back down the rain-soaked streets of Manhattan to pick up my wares.  I know exactly why this happened.  For the past few days my mind has been filled with too many thoughts that have taken over my mind and have left me on autopilot for many of the ordinary things I do during the day.  I have lost contact with the present moment due to worry, anxiety and stress. 

The Bible does warn us against such things, and often God reminds us where our focus should be—on Him.  However, lately, my mind has been focused on everything but where it should be, which is on God’s presence in my life.  In St. Paul’s letter to the Phillippians, he writes, for example, “Don’t be anxious about anything, but pray in everything with thanksgiving.  Then the uncomprehensible peace of God will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus” (4:6-7).

 Thankfully, I have that quote posted on my desk to remind me of that.  Do you ever find yourself so deluged with anxiety that you forget what is most important in life?  Have you had an incident like mine caused by your wandering thoughts?  Please share! 


4 thoughts on “Rain and a Monsoon of Thoughts”

  1. I’m always forgetting things, leaving things behind etc. It’s usually the product of an overwrought mind. Sometimes I find myself thinking about, annoyed about, fuming about things I have no control over. A good friend once said why worry about things you can’t control. Good advice, but sometimes I still do!


  2. I have struggled with anxiety my entire life. Now, at 25, I am starting to see visible manifestations of a stressed an anxious life: I have tremors in my hands and other muscles in my body, lack of sleep, waking up in cold sweats, high blood-pressure etc. Though I think a good portion of this for me is biological, so much of this has been caused because of my fearing variables in my life that are out of my control.

    The peace of God talked about in Philippians is something counter-intuitive. I think in many ways the peace of God is not something that comes after a certain stress in your life is taken away (like a disease or something) but rather something that comes in the midst of whatever trial it is you are going through. It is the knowing that, even when things are bad, God is ultimately in control and that there is meaning to whatever it is you are going through.

    I forget things often as well, and it’s usually because my mind is in too many places at once. We must remember that Jesus tells us to focus on today (we’ll get to tomorrow when it comes) and that we can trust that in spite of whatever is happening in our lives, there is one who ultimately grants meaning to the seeming chaos around us.



    1. That is a very insightful comment, Aric. I totally agree that the peace of God often comes to us in the midst of our struggles. I like what you say about living every day, it’s like the Serenity Prayer to live each day at a time. Thank you so much for sharing this!


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