Working Wonders

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like you can do all you have to do?  Or perhaps the day holds a task that seems insurmountable?  For me, I had one of those days today. 

I think everyone has times in their life when things may seem as if they are too much to handle.  Sometimes, even things that we generally enjoy seem like a burden some days.

Today, I had an assignment that I look forward to every year—interviewing seminarians who will soon be ordained.  Their life stories and love of God are always an inspiration.  But today, I felt that I just had too much on my plate to really get into the assignment.  Until I got there, and let God in. 

With the help of a friend who boosted my confidence and wouldn’t let me give up on myself, I was able to accomplish what I had to, even though in general, I felt nervous and overwhelmed with life in general.  And I am sure glad that I did.  Like usual, hearing how much others love God, with these men in particular, so much so that they are willing to give their life to Him, lifted my spirits and made me want to work on my own faith. 

Reflecting back on the day, I realize that it is a blessing to do a good day’s work, especially when we let God in and ask him to help us with all we do.  When we do that, work can become a way to serve the Lord, no matter what the task.  I learned today that with the help of God, nothing is insurmountable, and sometimes those things that are most challenging oftentimes become the things that are most rewarding.


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