Monday Morning Mass

This morning, in an effort to start Holy Week off on the right note, I attended morning Mass at the church downstairs in the building where I work.  The homily was about Jesus’ visit to Lazarus, and Mary and Martha. But more specifically, the priest focused on Mary’s anointing Jesus with perfumed oil (John 12:1-8).

The priest noted that in one of the four Gospel accounts, Mark, the author writes that the jar was broken as the perfume was poured on Jesus’ feet. In his homily, he explained that once a jar of perfume was opened, there was no way to store it, so it had to be used. He said that this use of the perfume show’s Mary’s resolve to pour out all she had for Jesus.

 The priest compared that “pouring out” to the pouring out of Jesus’ blood on the Cross.

When I left Mass, the priest’s words made me question myself.  I wondered if I was giving Jesus all I could right now in the present moment?  Am I pouring out my all for him?  Or is there something more I can be doing, or giving, to God each day?  These are questions that I hope to think about more in the lead up to Easter. 


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