Conversion and Change

This morning, Cardinal Dolan was broadcasting live on “Conversation with the Cardinal” from Rome on SiriusXM radio on the Catholic Channel. One of the issues discussed was on the idea of change within the Church with the election of a new pope.

 Cardinal Dolan said during the talk show that the important thing was not radical changes within the Church, but more along the lines of  “how we live” our faith. I thought it was a beautiful way to answer the question of change, especially since it ties into the season of Lent. As Catholics, we are called to focus on our internal faith. The cardinal mentioned that the aim of faith is for a “conversion of hearts.”

 With the Lenten season nearly half over, I can see how I need to work on the conversion of my own heart and increase my own efforts to live my faith in a real, authentic way each day.

 There has been so much focus on the external changes going on in the Church right now that it is very easy to forget about what we can do ourselves during this momentous time in history. We can work on our own hearts, in preparation for Easter, as well as in preparation for the new pope, whoever he may be.

 What do you think? Did any of you have a chance to listen to the broadcast? Please share? 


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