Winter Waiting

With its cold days and long nights winter can feel like a season during which time slows down.  Marked by chilling temperatures and a frosty landscape, it may be hard to imagine when life will again begin to bloom. 

However, even though the world outside may seem frozen in time that does not mean that our hearts and souls have to follow suit.  This winter, I have found warmth and comfort for my spirit in the form of praying nightly with my husband, and attending church randomly during the week with a friend.  Both of these actions stir feelings of life inside and refocus my thoughts where they should be – on the lord. 

I find that it is easy to get discouraged and lose motivation during the winter, both at home and at work.  I tell myself that this slowdown is okay, it is part of the natural cycle of life.  However, when it comes to matters of faith, especially this winter, I am trying to find a way to light the fire of faith to carry me through the darkness of winter. 

Do you feel as if winter can be a time during which your faith life begins to wane or slow down?  Are there things you do to try to “light a fire” in your soul?  Please share, I’m sure other readers would like to hear of other strategies. 


4 thoughts on “Winter Waiting”

  1. I actually find the opposite to be true. I love winter and find the the church calendar much more spiritually gratifying during the winter months, from Advent through Christmas and into Lent, which usually begins in the winter months, I just find that time of the year the most spiritually uplifting.


  2. i do have a hard time in the winter — i am someone that likes the long, warm days of spring and summer.
    lately, however, i have really started to see the beauty — and find peace in the things that winter brings as well — the softness and quiet of the snow and the unique way ice crystals form on glass — it brings helps me to appreciate Who it is that has given all of this to us…
    …and makes that warmth of the spring all the more welcome! 😉


  3. Winter is my least favorite season, due to the early hours that it gets dark and the low temperatures and sometimes unbearable weather. There are things to appreciate about winter like the season of Advent and Christmastime bringing feelings of warmth, peace, and love to our hearts, and the snow that comes can be a beautiful sight. Also my birthday falls in March, near the end of the winter season which I always enjoy celebrating. I still prefer any of the other three seasons to wintertime because the weather is often much nicer and warmer and the days last longer which helps me stay cheerful and positive 🙂


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