The Conversion Conversation

Friday was the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.  I attended Mass that morning with a friend.  During the homily, the priest told of how even for the famous saint, change and conversion took time.

It was a fact I didn’t know regarding St. Paul’s conversion.  I just assumed that there was an momentous moment that transformed his life.  Instead, the priest explained that tiny seeds of faith were planted throughout the saint’s life, especially through his interaction with the Catholics he used to condemn.  Even when those persecuted Catholics were placed in prison, their faith remained steadfast. That made an impression on the saint.

The homily made me think of how God continually plants seeds of faith and calls for us to change.  I naively thought that God only called to us to say yes to his way with large decisions, like Mary’s “yes” to carry Jesus in her womb.

But in reality, while there may be epic moments in life when that yes to God is called for, there are perhaps hundreds of little ways each day God gives us the opportunity to say yes to him.

It reminded me of the words found in countless books and movies where the characters reply with great enthusiasm, “Yes, a thousand times yes.”

Perhaps we are asked to help a spouse, friend or co-worker who is struggling; or to choose to pray at the end of the day instead of watching one more sitcom on television. Or even to attend Mass on days when we feel like doing anything but that.

What do you think?  Do you know the story of St. Paul, and do you feel change and conversion never end as we try to get closer to God?  Please discuss!


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