Carrying Your Cross

Today is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.  This morning, as I was drinking my coffee outside before work, thinking about what that means in my life, I kept coming back to two thoughts—two people really as I thought of Jesus and the cross—Simon and Veronica.

For the past week or two, I have been struggling to carry my own cross. We all have our own particular struggles and burdens in life—from personal struggles with relationships or work, to issues at home, or addiction—and I know from personal experience that at times it can be overwhelming. But, God-willing, we also have people in our lives who act as Simon and Veronica did as Jesus made his way to Calvary.

One thing I am beginning to realize is that we are not meant to suffer and struggle alone. Perhaps there is a person in your life who is there to listen to you, offer advice or prayers, to help ease your burden just like Simon helped ease Jesus’ burden as he help him carry his cross, or like Veronica, ready with a tissue or towel to wipe your face, and brush your tears away.

Today, I am going to spend some time thinking and thanking those people who are acting as Simons and Veronicas in my own life right now. 


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