Will You Be Watching the Olympics?

The other day at work, conversation turned to the upcoming Olympics, which officially begins with the opening ceremony that will be aired tonight.  The level of fandom in the office ranged from average to avid.  I think no matter where you fall on the scale, there is something special about the worldwide event.

I myself am on the more neutral side of the scale.  I know that I will be watching a few of the competitions for sure.  There is something special about rooting for a team with others around you.  Will you root for the team for the country you live in? Or perhaps you’ll be cheering for the team from the country that you were born in, or the one that your parents or grandparents were from?

This year, especially, I will be reading the news and watching to see how our local New Yorkers competing in the games fare.  For instance, there is one young man from the Bronx on the Olympic gymnastics team. He was featured in the video for the song “Fighter” by the band Gym Class Heroes.  Every time I listen to the song, I feel just a little bit stronger and want to try in life just a little bit harder.  It’s a good song to have in your head for the summer.  If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend you check it out.

Are there any songs that put you in the mood for the upcoming Olympics, or just inspire you in general for life?  Please share!


2 thoughts on “Will You Be Watching the Olympics?”

  1. My favorite inspirational song is Bruce Springsteen’s “Promised Land.” If I were a major League ball player that would be my “at bat” song! A lot of big league players select their own favorite theme song for the stadium to play when they come to the plate. What would yours be?


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